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The 67-72 C10 drop-in heat extractors are designed to be a cost-effective option to help builders achieve performance enhancements without the cost of a full composite hood. What exactly does a heat extractor do? Well… a lot of little tricks:

Reduce under-hood high pressure – The faster you drive, the more air entering the radiator opening gets pushed into the engine bay causing a buildup of high-pressure. With heat extractors, some of that high-pressure now has a path to evacuate. The design of a heat extractor causes a low pressure (vacuum) over the top of the panel that sucks air out of the engine bay. The faster you go, the better it works.

Reduce under-hood temps – Under-hood hot air evacuates out of the extractor openings reducing temperatures in the engine bay. THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR SOLUTION FOR A FAULTY COOLING SYSTEM. If your engine is not properly cooling, we recommend you spend your money on fixing the cooling system instead.

Weight Savings – How much? Well, that all depends on your individual setup but its easy math that cutting two large pieces of metal out and replacing with light weight composite extractors shaves some weight off.

Increase front end down-force – Part of the design of a functional heat extractor is to move the high pressure air out of the engine bay which pushes down on the extractor panels as the air evacuates creating down-force. Don’t get us wrong, this shouldn’t be what solves all of your aero dreams on your ride but it will get you one step closer.

Fiberglass option is also available. Call for more info.

Sold as a pair.

Lead Time

Each bespoke piece is made to order so please allow 8-10 weeks.

$2,088.00 incl GST
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